Throughout her career, Koni Kim has focused on the true meaning of hospitality: giving without expecting anything in return. She believes that our natural inclination to serve stems from a genuine care for people and our world.

Koni is passionate about teaching and nurturing young people. Part of Koni’s legacy is her role as a founder and ongoing supporter of the Korean Girl Scouts of America.

Koni founded the nonprofit Invincible Me to empower women who have been victims of domestic abuse. The organization inspires talented woman with love and vision to design something beautiful as they work toward a renewed sense of meaning in life.

She created the Pillow Art Challenge where hospitality designers from around the country were asked to create a “Pillow of Art” for a silent auction at the BD West Design Fair in San Diego. Proceeds from the Pillow Contest went to the Monarch School parental vocational sewing workshops for battered parents of homeless children who want to learn a skill which can help them become self-sufficient.